Vesel  -Earrings
Vesel  -Earrings
Vesel  -Earrings
Vesel  -Earrings
Vesel  -Earrings

Vesel -Earrings

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Vesel  -Earrings  :  ✨💧

Embark on a journey of metaphor with our "Vessel" earrings. Designed to invoke the idea of "filling your cup" and ensuring it stays full of positive energy, these earrings carry a deeper meaning. The "Vessel" earrings are more than adornments; they are a representation of maintaining a full cup, a continuous flow of positivity, and the abundance of energy. The blue beads and pendant chain evoke the imagery of water, symbolizing life, renewal, and emotional depth.


  • Blue beads and chain below symbolize the overflow and abundance of water
  • Mixed metals of brass and silver for a harmonious blend
  • Sterling silver ear wires for quality and comfort


Each earring features9.25 ear wires. They come with rubber backings not shown.

Dimensions: Length 1 7/8th inches total length   -Width 1/2 inch.

metal: Sterling silver / brass

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