Meet Lauryn Allen, Owner of Sun Moon & Crystals

Lauryn is a metalsmith based out of Arkansas, originally starting Sun Moon and Crystals in 2015 during her senior year of high school in Southern California. She was inspired by her new found knowledge of crystals and began designing wire-wrapped jewelry creations.

Lauryn has always had a creative side that started with watercolors and oil paintings inspired by her love and time spent in nature. Her metalsmith journey officially began in the fall of 2015 when she took her first class at Palomar College in San Marcos. She was hooked. She received an Associates Degree for jewelry making and metalsmithing. She followed that up by going on to receive a degree from The Gemological Institute Of America in Carlsbad, California, for bench jewelry. She made her business a full time endeavor in the fall of 2019.

Lauryn is the one-woman show behind Sun Moon and Crystals.



Starting a business was never my dream. My dream was to make art and making art has become my means to live. Creating a business was merely a formality to share my art with the world. I am grateful I get to wake up everyday to make and share my art with you.”

- Lauryn Allen

My goal as a business is to make you beautiful, timeless treasures. Jewelry that you will want to wear daily and pass down to loved ones. I hope to provide a quality experience on all my custom work and make all your requests possible! You choose hand made because you value quality and character in your collections and I want that reflected in the pieces I make for you.