Glow- Earrings
Glow- Earrings
Glow- Earrings
Glow- Earrings

Glow- Earrings

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Before the sun graces the horizon, there's a magical interlude—a beautiful glow where warm and cool hues dance across the sky. Picture the navy night canvas transforming into a sweet symphony of blue and orange, and you'll find the inspiration behind our Glow Earrings.The design captures the essence of that ethereal moment before dawn, where the world is painted in anticipation.

Allow the Moon Fairies to lead your spirit to the mesmerizing night realm of lunar power, imparting a celestial wonder to each fleeting moment. Embrace the enchanting allure and make a bold statement with these charming earrings, an exquisite embodiment of the mystical magic that graces the night sky.

Stone's Meaning: Orange Carnelian, the heart of these earrings, is more than a gem; it's a beacon of happiness, friendship, and the warmth of family unity. A stone of joy and sharing, Carnelian brings people and moments together, weaving the various threads of our lives into a harmonious tapestry. With a touch of sensuality and a hint of physical pleasure, it radiates positive energy.

These come on french hook earrings with rubber backs. Upon request after checkout they may be switched to leaver back earrings.

Stone:Orange Carnelian and Turquoise.

Metal:9.25 /Sterling silver

Size: W 1 inch x L 1 3/8th  inches

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