Custom listing for Sarah
Custom listing for Sarah

Custom listing for Sarah

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Moonstone Moon Phase- Cuff

Custom listing for Sarah - this will be mad to 5.25 inches and 1 inch gap. please allow 4-6 week turn around from date of payment. 

Copyed listing info - 

First of its kind our 5 stone moonstone cuff features one marques style moonstone, two round, and two teardrop moonstones. details includes two hammer textured moons and bead details on the end. We used a light wight silver sheet to fabricate this cuff and its half round border details.  YES its all sterling silver. 

SIZE- This cuff measures 5 inches with its additional 1 inch gap. Making its fit good for a 6 inch wrist. 

This Cuffs can not be sized down. A perfect fit is important. It is extremely important to not over bend this cuff when putting it on and off as, all cuffs for that matter, when bent over time naturally tear the metal to the point it can snap and destroy cuffs. We have seen it happen to vintage silver cuffs. 

We expect you to know your wrist size and preferred fit of cuff. We are not responsible if you order it to small or too large as all details have been given. 

Please Email with any questions at or to confirm the sizing down request with your order number. DO NOT contact on instagram about orders alterations please.